INSYS aero gains EASA approval

INSYS aero has received EASA approval from the German Aviation Authority (LBA) allowing customers to directly install products manufactured by INSYS aero into aircraft in service.

The approval issued in March 2016 is an official authorisation for INSYS aero, a developer and manufacturer of wireless access points, airborne servers, gateways and data converters for aeronautics to manufacture products (rating C1) and parts (rating C2) according to the "scope of work", as well as to issue release certificates (EASA Form 1)."Official EASA production organisation approval is an important milestone for the business development of INSYS aero", explained Christoph Eder, accountable manager at INSYS aero. "In combination with the basic EN 9100 certification for our development, production, maintenance and technical support processes we can now provide support for our standard and customised solutions across the entire product lifecycle."

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