Inmarsat completes construction of SAS for GX fleet

Inmarsat has finished building the final four Satellite Access Stations (SAS) for the first Global Xpress (GX) fleet, which is set to provide 50Mbps broadband connectivity to both commercial and business aircraft from mid-2015.
“Completing our ground network is an important step in rolling out our global GX service,” said Leo Mondale, president of Inmarsat Aviation. “The in-flight connectivity market is growing rapidly, with passengers around the world increasingly expecting to be connected when they are flying. They want a comparable level of service to what they are used to on the ground. It is paramount airlines have access to high speed and high capacity connections that provide the same reliable service wherever they fly across the world. The launch of GX globally in 2015 is perfectly timed to meet passenger and airline demand.”
One GX SAS is located in Lino Lakes in Minnesota, USA; another is in Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada; whilst the two remaining satellite access stations are near Auckland, New Zealand. Two further stations in Fucino, Italy and Nemea, Greece, are already operational. They currently service the first GX satellite that covers the Indian Ocean region, which has been providing GX services to government customers in that region since 1 July.
All six GX SAS’ will act as gateways between the broadband traffic routed via the three Inmarsat-5 (I-5) satellites and terrestrial fixed networks. Each SAS delivers full ground segment redundancy for GX services, delivering highest quality resiliency, reliability and availability even at times of adverse weather, as well as offering a powerful differentiator to traditional regional Ku-band networks.

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