Inflight Dublin to provide content services for Wamosair

Wamosair has entered a new long-term agreement which will see Inflight Dublin provide the carrier with a variety of international in-flight entertainment (IFE).
Under the deal, Inflight Dublin will also develop a microsite that will give Wamosair passengers detailed information about the IFE programming available on upcoming flights.
Wamosair’s onboard services manager, José Ignacio Hernandez Abad, averred, “We are delighted to starting working with Inflight Dublin. They have tailored their service to Wamosair’s specific needs and have proven a unique level of innovation.”
John White, Inflight Dublin’s CEO, added, “We are delighted to have signed a contract with Wamosair. This agreement demonstrates increasing interest among airlines in working with a content service provider that delivers a bespoke and highly responsive servicewhile delivering innovation. This is Inflight Dublin’s first contract in Spain, a very dynamic part of the world, which is very exciting for us.”

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