IMS’s new IFE offering is Android OS-based system

The IMS Company has announced the latest version of its EDGE product, based on an Android operating system (OS) and a tablet form factor.

The newest EDGE portable media player offers a 10.1-inch capacitive, multi-touch touch screen, with 1280×800 (WXGA) screen resolution, using the Android OS (Honeycomb). The lithium ion battery supports approximately 9 hours of video or 72 hours of music. Content is stored on SD (Smart Digital) cards allowing the airline to determine the size of storage needed to meet its content requirements.
EDGE is APEX 0403-compliant and supports content playback in MPEG4, H.264, WMV7 and WMV9 with AAC audio playback. The user interface is also compatible with RAVE embedded IFE, so the airline can now have a similar standard that is applied to both products.
“This is a completely new approach to portables deployment in IFE which we believe is a game-changer,” commented Harry Gray,The IMS Company’s vice president sales and marketing.“The operating system approach restores the benefits of leveraging COTS technology. Since the Android OS is an open standard, we can more easily adapt this technology to support IFE requirements (including Early Window content) as compared to other COTS products using a proprietary operating system.”
IMS’s Android-based solution is not limited to a single device but is designed for use with a range of Android OS devices, enabling the option to port to other Android-based devices that become available.

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