Immfly sets sights on Asia

Immfly is expanding its operations into Asia, and has begun recruiting locally, already contracting personnel established in Hong Kong.

A local presence will enable Immfly to better serve aviation customers in the region, which covers more than 50 destinations on the Asian continent.

Immfly provides its content in multiple languages covering all the languages its airline customers require. In addition to the major European languages, Immfly already streams content in languages such as Turkish and Chinese catering to its broad base of existing customers and destinations. Chinese titles include God Speed, Old Beast, What a Wonderful Family and Battle of Memories.

Immfly has also closely collaborated with the Japanese global internet and e-commerce company Rakuten.

Together with partners Rakuten TV and FOX, Immfly was the first company in the world covering and ensuring 100% security and protection of major studios’ onboard content accessed through web browsers. The web-based DRM technology in Android systems (Widevine) and in IOS systems (Fairplay), allows the protection of content from being stolen or copied.

Jimmy Martinez, co-founder of Immfly stated: “It is clear Immfly can actively support Asian aviation customers as they look to benefit from a competitive edge with innovative operational solutions and profitable IFE strategies. Immfly continues to lead by demonstrating unrivalled bottom line results with its state-of-the-art in-flight digital services and IFE platforms. Establishing a local presence in Asia is part of our strategy as we expand and develop our relationships in key markets.”

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