IFPL Self Testing Jack to ease in-flight audio checks

IFPL has received patent approval for the in-flight entertainment (IFE) specialist’s Self Testing Audio Jack Module, which offers airlines the ability to check the condition of passenger audio jacks.

The Self Testing Audio Jack is used by the airline's maintenance staff who send a high frequency (BITE) audio tone through the existing IFE system. Then a small LED on the unit will light up to show that the Jack module is functioning. A quick walk through the cabin is needed to just check the jacks at a glance.

“The ability to check audio condition so quickly means that audio failures can even be spotted and potentially fixed during an aircraft turnaround,” explained Geoff Underwood, managing director of IFPL. “From a cost of ownership perspective, because this module scavenges its power from the audio signal it requires no additional power to operate, making this jack a simple and attractive retrofit proposal, as no extra cabling is required.”

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