IFPL launches on-board payment system for contactless cards

IFPL has developed Contactless Retail System (CRS), a passenger in-seat payment solution that utilises the new Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless card for low value purchases.Using an intuitive interface, the new system allows passengers to pay with their credit/debit card for in-flight transactions, eliminating the requirement for cash.IFPL claims that CRS is easy to install with no in-seat wiring required and is easily configurable as IFPL’s system integrates with existing on-board payment servers. Alternatively it can be a stand-alone system that will run for up to 24 months on the optional built-in battery.Installation of CRS allows upgrade of on-board EpoS systems. The service level is customisable for the grade of seat and enables catalogue updates over Wi-Fi for special offers or to update food menu options. The system can also include on-screen messaging to generate advertising revenue.

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