IFPL in development of new breakaway jack

A new version of its Long Life jack product has been developed by UK based IFE engineering company, Inflight Peripherals (IFPL), incorporating the internal features from its predecessor, but offering an improved 90° breakaway feature.

IFPL claims this solution offers similar properties to a magnetic jack, at a lower cost and without the need for expensive headsets.
The breakaway jack uses a headset with a shorter pin, similar to a phono pin. It inserts easily into the redesigned outer cuff of the breakaway jack, where it is held in place, but can be pulled out at an angle of 90°.
In order for magnetic jacks to be backward compatible (i.e. able to accept normal headsets), they have to have a normal jack in the middle of the magnetic jack. IFPL states that the breakaway jack is compatible with all standard and noise cancellation headsets without the extra cost.

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