IFEC components order for Emrise’s Pascall

An unidentified customer has ordered $540,000-worth of power supplies and radio frequency (RF) devices from Emrise subsidiary Pascall Electronics. The components are destined for use in what the vendor describes as "an advanced, multimedia in-flight entertainment and communications (IFEC) system to be installed on a number of new commercial aircraft." Shipment is expected in the third and fourth quarters of 2010.

"We believe this order is another indication of the beginning of a turnaround in the demand for IFEC and IFE systems," says Emrise chairman and CEO Carmine T. Oliva. "Based on recent customer input, we anticipate receiving additional orders for these types of systems from other customers in the near future."

Pascall’s ability to produce, market and deliver devices and subsystems required by both advanced and legacy IFE systems is a key part of Emrise’s strategy to refocus its UK-based subsidiaries on expanding their aerospace and defense business in the US and Europe, Oliva adds.

Pascall produces a range of power systems, RF devices and integrated subsystems for a number of commercial aerospace and defense applications, including IFEC and legacy IFE systems. Emrise says the company’s power systems, RF devices, integrated subsystems and other electronic-device products are key elements of these systems and essential to the reliable delivery of a range of high quality multi-media IFE features.

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