IFE Services claims distribution rights for sleep system

IFE Services has announced an agreement with the manufacturers of the pzizz sleep and relaxation system to exclusively distribute the product to airlines.Already used by nearly 500,000 people worldwide, pzizz is a patented system that is effective at inducing sleep, boosting energy and reducing stress.There are two modules available – ‘pzizz Sleep’ induces a deep sleep of up to 10 hours and is aimed for passengers on long haul flights, whilst ‘pzizz Powernap’ delivers a short, deep sleep of between 10 and 90 minutes for passengers flying short-haul.“pzizz is fantastic product that will help airline passengers get the sleep and relaxation they often want during flights,” declared Andy McEwan, Managing Director of IFE Services. “IFE Services has a long history of bringing new and exciting innovations and technologies to benefit the passenger experience and we’re confident pzizz will be another big hit.”

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