ICG’s Datalink-100 approved and certified

International Communications Group (ICG) has successfully completed testing through ARINC’s “Avionics Qualification Program” (AQP) and received certification by Iridium for its new Datalink-100 device.
The DL-100 Flight Deck Data Unit had to pass ARINC’s AQP test and compliance procedures to be validated and qualified to send Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) and other Datalink messages over its network.
Granting a letter of approval, Stephen R. Ledger, ARINC’s Director of AQP Services wrote, “Based upon the review of the documentation suite and the favourable uplink success test results of the ICG DL-100, the DataLink-100 SDU is considered AQP-approved for use on the ARINC’ GLOBALink data network.”
In addition to the successful completion of the ARINC AQP program, the DL-100 device was also certified by Iridium LLC for operation over the Iridium satellite constellation and network.
“This approval underscores ICG’s commitment to develop and deliver reliable global flight deck communications solutions to the air transport, military and executive jet industries,” said Darren Emery, ICG’s Director of Customer Service and Product Support. “It further validates our systems’ reliability and capability and provides future customers with an assurance that the Datalink-100 meets industry standards for certification, is fully compatible with existing hardware, and is ready for installation on their aircraft.”

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