Iberia first Spanish carrier to allow PED usage gate-to-gate

Iberia has received approval from AESA, the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency, for in-flight Wi-Fi and GSM connections on long haul routes, granting passengers usage of their personal electronic devices (PEDs) at all stages of flight.

Iberia claims to be the first airline in Spain to receive authorisation from AESA to supply in-flight internet on board its long haul aircraft via Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity. These capabilities will be introduced gradually as aircraft are fitted with the equipment.
At the beginning of each flight passengers will be informed of their options and instructed to set their devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops, to ‘airplane mode’ even during take off and landing. Devices that lack the ‘airplane mode’ function are to remain switched off during flights for safety reasons.
The authorisation applies to flights operated directly by Iberia. Those operating under Iberia codes by other carriers may have different rules.
Iberia now has 13 aircraft equipped with in-flight connectivity, six of them Airbus A330s delivered in the past year, and the other seven retrofitted Airbus A340/600s. By the end of 2014, the long haul fleet will be equipped with upgraded cabin interiors including new seats, individual entertainment systems and connectivity options.

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