Hunter Canada Ku-beam enters into service

Hunter Communications Canada has revealed that its Hunter Canada Ku-beam, which is hosted on the E115WB satellite, officially entered into service as of 15 October over Canada and the US.It was announced in February this year that Panasonic Avionics had procured nearly one-third of the beam’s available capacity, with Panasonic’s VP global communications services, David Bruner, claiming, “Using this satellite, Panasonic will be able to provide connectivity services from central Canada to the West, including the Yukon gap, at levels that have previously been unavailable to any in-flight connectivity provider.” The beam’s entry into service marks the end of the initial 3 year design, build and launch phase and the beginning of the 15 year operational life of the E115WB satellite. With the E115WB’s in orbit testing now complete, Hunter Communications Canada is already in the process of activating services, including a test network for prospective clients.Brent Perrott, the president of Hunter Communications Canada, further commented, “The beam has some unique properties that make it more efficient (i.e. cost per Mbps) than most traditional wide beams,” and that the company has “an additional agreement with an aero service provider that was recently finalised but has not yet been made public.”

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