Honeywell launches new router for business jet connectivity

Honeywell Aerospace (Honeywell) has announced the launch of its new CNX-250 multifunction router, designed and built by TrueNorth Avionics, that allows business jet aircraft to connect more efficiently to cellular networks on the ground and then transition seamlessly to satellite networks in the air.

The new CNX-250 router will gradually replace the existing CNX-200 and Honeywell will be working with TrueNorth Avionics to provide the router to business jet operators worldwide. The CNX-250 is lightweight and purpose-built and meets hardware certification requirements while delivering cabin communications to passengers via Wi-Fi and Ethernet for laptops, smartphones and other personal electronic devices.

“Passengers worldwide are hungering for better connectivity and more expanded services through all phases of flight,” said Rebecca Sidelinger, senior director, marketing and product management, Honeywell Aerospace. “In addition to consistent in-flight Wi-Fi, the new CNX-250 router means an aircraft doesn’t have to taxi outside the hangar for connectivity when Wi-Fi is required for ground maintenance operations.”

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