Honeywell expands Connected Aircraft options

Honeywell has introduced the Aspire 150 and Aspire 350 satellite communications systems, which connect to the Iridium NEXT satellite constellation, providing flight operators with high-speed connectivity at a low cost with new satellite communications systems.

Both new Aspire systems are also smaller than previous generations and have an embedded router, to reduce weight and boost fuel savings.

“Aspire 150 and 350 build upon the success of our previous systems in the air transport, business jet, military and helicopter markets,” said Warren Nechtman, vice-president, Connectivity Systems, Honeywell Aerospace. “These latest additions to the Aspire product line provide an easy upgrade for aircraft with or without previously installed satellite communications equipment, increasing both cockpit and cabin connectivity and enabling faster data speeds. And with an easy installation, operators can upgrade to seamless, high-speed cockpit communication that fits their exact needs and budget.”

Honeywell’s GoDirect software is an optional component that offers connectivity services to help manage bandwidth and improve cost efficiency. These services include Honeywell’s GoDirect Cabin Connectivity, which controls connectivity services and usage, potentially saving operators up to US$100,000 a year.

Operators can install a second Honeywell satellite communications solution with the Aspire 350, to give higher levels of reliability, increased network coverage, improved efficiency, and less connection downtime for pilots, crew and passengers. In the event the preferred system cannot operate, the backup system then takes over. The satcom system does not have to wait for the Iridium Certus network to operate. It can provide safety services over the current network, so operators aren’t waiting for the Iridium NEXT safety certification.

Both Aspire 150 and Aspire 350 can operate as standalone products to provide high-speed cabin connectivity to smaller aircraft that cannot be equipped with a larger satcom system. The flexibility of the Aspire products also allows for side-by-side operation with another cabin connectivity solution, providing cockpit safety services and backup cabin connectivity.

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