HKA launches live credit card authorisation from Rockwell Collins

Hong Kong Airlines (HKA) has become the launch airline for a new service from Rockwell Collins that enables live credit card authorisations using in-flight Wi-Fi over its existing ARINC ACARS infrastructure (providing an air to ground data link), with the aim of eliminating the risk of credit card fraud.
The service is offered as part of a strategic partnership with the Duty Free Air and Ship Supply or DFASS Group, which provides airlines with duty free retail programmes. “Duty free shopping provides passengers who are travelling on international flights with the ability to purchase prestigious brands on board the aircraft,” remarked John Garner at The DFASS Group. “Now, by working with Rockwell Collins, many more airlines will be able to provide this, and other sophisticated services to their passengers including delivery to their homes while they are actually travelling.”
Heament John Kurian, managing director of IMS Asia Pacific for Rockwell Collins, explained, “Our Wi-Fi over ACARS solution allows airlines to capitalise on their existing equipment to conduct live credit card authorisations without the need to invest heavily in expensive connectivity equipment. With this cost-effective new service, we can help airline customers around the world increase security by identifying individuals involved with fraudulent credit card activity.”

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