Heads Up Technologies to offer Red Touch Media digital content as IFE

Heads Up Technologies, Inc. has reached a content distribution agreement with Red Touch Media, a specialist in digital media content management, to offer Heads Up Technologies’ customers access to Red Touch Media’s library of digital content.

Through Heads Up Technologies’ fiber optics-based Lumin cabin management system (CMS) and wireless media server, private jet passengers will have access on any device to Red Touch Media’s content as in-flight entertainment.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Red Touch Media and our ability to expand in-flight entertainment options for passengers,” said Robert Harshaw, President and CEO of Heads Up Technologies. “Implementing this solution will make movies, music and other content more readily available in flight; an added convenience for private jet passengers.”

”We are very excited to join forces with Heads Up Technologies and provide them with an original solution that will enhance the customer experience,” commented Wayne Scholes, CEO and Chairman of Red Touch Media. “Not only will private jet passengers benefit from this partnership in-flight, but aviation and commercial aircraft companies can use this tool to leverage content and offer customers an incentive to interact with them on a deeper level.”

Lumin CMS takes its design cues from current trends in consumer products like smart phones and tablet PC’s, and features the latest in fiber optics, distributed processing, wireless connectivity, and certified digital content management technologies. Passengers can use an intuitive touchscreen user interface, which is customised to support the branding of the interior space. The system incorporates Blu-ray, digital audio libraries, internet, seat-to-seat texting, and cabin control functions. The CMS is also scalable to provide a common experience across an OEM’s entire product line, from the smallest to the largest aircraft.

“We wanted to create a CMS with flexibility, to give OEM’s a solution that is uniquely their own. This system lets the interior designers define the level of luxury, functionality and control of each cabin,” added Harshaw. “Now with the addition of a digital media library, our passengers’ entertainment experience will truly rival their high-end home theaters.”

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