Gulfstream jets can now benefit from Rockwell Collins HD upgrades

Rockwell Collins has introduced a series of high-definition (HD) cabin management and in-flight entertainment system upgrades for Gulfstream aircraft originally delivered with ACMS and Micronet systems.
The company suggests major maintenance inspections – which many Gulfstream aircraft featuring the soon-to-be-obsolete technology are due for in the next few years – will provide the opportunity for an upgrade.Upgrade options, available through Gulfstream service centres or Rockwell Collins-authorised dealers, come in a range of packages, from a simple refresh of the base systems for cabin control, to something more advanced including Rockwell’s Venue HD system.
“The opportunity to upgrade cabins to match the home entertainment or office experience that Venue, the CMS, delivers is exciting for Gulfstream aircraft owners, but budgets can sometimes limit what they can do,” stated Greg Irmen, vice president and general manager of flight controls and information systems for Rockwell Collins. “Now, with a range of upgrade options, even budget-conscious owners can modernise their cabins and set the stage for more upgrades in the future.”

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