GuestLogix will soon allow airlines to accept virtual currencies

GuestLogix is working to enable its airline customers to accept Bitcoin and other virtual currencies in a secure and reliable manner at all access points, such as mobile applications, kiosks, hand-held POS devices and via in-flight entertainment systems.
“As ancillary products and services continue to be a vital business component at virtually every touch point where travel operators connect with their passengers, and with an ever growing population of travellers carrying smartphones and holding virtual currencies, there is a need to ensure those travellers can use Bitcoin currency consistently as a form of payment within each access point,” explained Brett Proud, president and CEO, GuestLogix.
The company has started implementing crypto-currency wallet components on its PCI-certified Transaction Processing Engine (TPE), which currently supports the ancillary revenue programmes of more than 80 travel operators and handles payments across 114 countries. Once the process is complete, acceptance of Bitcoin will become readily available on GuestLogix's custom hand-held POS terminals and mobile POS platform for Android OS, iOS and MS Windows Mobile.
In an offline environment, like on-board an aircraft with no internet connectivity, passengers can continue to use their own Bitcoin wallets available on their smartphones to transact with the GuestLogix POS terminals. GuestLogix will accept the payment and remit the funds to its customers when connectivity is available at a later time.
Travel operators can also opt to price products and services in Bitcoins using the special pricing and promotions module on GuestLogix’s retail platform. Travel operators may choose to maintain Bitcoin addresses to receive the payments directly. Alternatively, Bitcoin funds accepted from the passenger will be converted using the daily exchange rate of the Bitcoin relative to the travel operator's base currency and the converted funds will be remitted to their bank account.

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