Guestlogix wants to ‘consumerise’ the passenger experience

Guestlogix has officially released a new airline commerce platform to help carriers “consumerise” the passenger experience, and generate their highest ancillary revenues throughout the “day of travel” – before, during and after the flight.

The airline commerce platform has three major components: flight attendant point-of-sale app, management console and passenger mobile app.

“Guestlogix’s airline commerce platform is the easiest to use and easiest to implement solution on the market for on-board retail,” said Mike Abramsky, CEO of Guestlogix. “Airlines can quickly and cost-effectively transform how they generate revenue through on-board sales and other ancillary merchandising, and achieve the same level of personalisation and profitability as ‘on the ground’ retailers such as Amazon and Starbucks.”

The passenger mobile app makes passenger self-service easier and acts as a “digital concierge” for them to conveniently browse inventory, place orders and make payments. Airlines can add any kind of inventory to the catalogue (not just food and beverage) and passengers can make purchases before, during or after the flight, including pre-orders. Order tracking makes it easy for passengers and flight attendants to view, edit or cancel an order. The passenger app can also store a customer’s preferred payment method as well as mileage/loyalty points, making it easy for airlines to integrate loyalty programs with ancillary merchandising.

The management console makes it easy for flight crews and sales and marketing teams to monitor sales performance across flights and run personalised, data-driven campaigns based on predictive analytics. The intuitive and easy-to-use console also streamlines inventory management and uses data analytics to help airlines stock inventory more intelligently and reduce waste. “Insights” is the tool group within the management console that enables airlines to manage their operations and build campaigns all in one platform, including reports, snapshots, performance, and forecasting.

The flight attendant point-of-sale app makes it easy for flight attendants to open and close orders, keep track of sales, process payments and much more. It is tightly integrated with the passenger mobile app for easy communication and order fulfillment to make on-board selling easier and faster, including the ability to make payments in multiple forms and currencies (including cash + loyalty points, cross-border payments), and the ability to up- sell and cross-sell with personalised, data-driven campaigns targeted to each individual passenger.

“Passenger-centric retail analytics is uncharted territory in the airline industry – this is what sets Guestlogix’s passenger mobile app apart from competing point-of-sale solutions,” said Abramsky. “With a mobile-first platform for airline commerce, carriers can significantly increase on-board sales but also develop any other ancillary revenue opportunities they can imagine throughout the day of travel, including advertising, sponsorship, in-flight entertainment and destination activities.”


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