GuestLogix partners with Pokeware to offer IFE content revenue solution

GuestLogix has partnered with Pokeware to provide airlines with a new way to generate revenues through in-flight video content.

The joint GuestLogix Pokeware solution is claiming to herald a new era of in-flight entertainment, delivering a unique interactive advertising solution that will produce significant revenues for its airline partners.
"Core to our focus of seeking out the most effective ways to generate ancillary revenues and enabling transactions between airlines and consumers through the latest onboard technology, this offering uses the state-of-the-art of interactive media that allows airline passengers to not just consume media content, but to become actual consumers," declared Tom Douramakos, President and CEO of GuestLogix. "The Pokeware advertising solution will redefine the nature of in-flight entertainment, transforming the passive experience of viewing media onboard into an interactive, engaged process for passengers – and netting our airline clients significant revenue in the process."
Passengers can touch or "poke" any object that captures their interest while watching in-flight entertainment such as a TV show, movie, sports programme or music video that is directly linked to a point of sale. The integration of the advertising solution into the IFE environment is made possible though GuestLogix’s onboard store technology and OnTouch retail platform – allowing airlines to monetize any IFE content, and the passenger to go from poke, to shopping cart, to payment, in a seamless onscreen transaction.
Pokeware claims its solution applied to in-flight entertainment is creating a game-changing development for airlines’s ancillary revenues. The company estimates that one person viewing Pokeware-enabled media engages in anywhere from 6 to 30 pokes per segment, depending on the content. A cabin of 200 passengers on a 737 watching a 30-minute segment could generate between 1,200 to 6,000 pokes. Passengers are actively engaged in both the programme they are watching, as well as the onscreen advertising in a captive environment that is likely to lead to higher sales volumes and transactions.
"It’s important to note that we’re not just deriving revenue from the "pokes", but from the actual transactions which can take place in both the online and offline environments,” stated Douramakos. “Airlines earn revenue throughout the entire transaction lifecycle – from per poke passenger interest, right through to the final sale.”
GuestLogix envisions the Pokeware solution as a strong enough revenue stream to subsidise other value-adding loss leaders for airlines, allowing the industry to provide more services to passengers, such as in-cabin Wi-Fi. Douramakos says the solution "presents an untapped opportunity for airlines to grow revenue from in-flight video content and give customers a great experience in the process."
"Pokeware represents a completely new advertising-based revenue generation model for airlines, and opens up many new vistas in terms of passenger service and brand engagement, “ commented Maryse Thomas, Founder and CEO of Pokeware. “Airline passengers can select anything of interest in the videos they watch, for example, information about an exotic location, jewelry, fashion, cosmetics, homewares or even music playing in the background of a particular video – the search and purchase possibilities are only limited by what is contained in the video.”
GuestLogix is exclusively offering Pokeware’s technology to airlines and anticipates significant adoption of Pokeware-enabled content by airlines already using GuestLogix onboard systems.

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