Gore’s new ethernet cables to support IFE data demands

W.L. Gore & Associates (Gore) has produced GORE Ethernet Cables to meet the increasing demand in civil aviation for lightweight, robust data rate cables.

The ethernet cables are designed to provide high-speed, stable data transmission over longer distances of up to 10 gigabytes, and offer a cable jacket material and high-density construction to reduce weight with a cable diameter for improved installation. The connector insert replaces current quadrax technology and allows up to 20 times the data in the same space.

The GORE Ethernet Cables build on the company's success in cabling for data links on military aircraft and the 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) aims to deliver a more robust and faster solution to the in-flight entertainment (IFE) market.

“Providing a capability within the IFE market place to replace multiple quad cables with a single 10 GbE Gore cable allows our customers to save both weight and cost while increasing their ability to satisfy the industry demand for ever-increasing data usage,” said global product manager, Adrian Milne, W.L. Gore & Associates.

“Airlines and associated users facing the challenge of updating IFE server content can benefit from systems utilising faster data-loading capability. The Gore 10 GbE cable can be an integral part of this solution,” commented Manfred Gross, Gore application engineer.

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