Gore unveils portfolio enhancements

In response to advancements in modern airborne digital networks and passenger demand, Gore has introduced the Gore Aerospace USB 3.1 cable.

Carrying more data greater than five meters for faster in-flight entertainment (IFE) content uploads and downloads, the cables provide reliable signal integrity for high-speed data transmission up to 10 Gb over longer distances. In addition, they support power management from 9-32V systems to ensure passengers can charge their devices quickly and easily.The high density construction of the cables significantly reduces weight and diameter for improved installation. The small cable diameter increases flexibility with a tight bend radius for easy routing.GoreAerospace USB 3.1 Cables complement Gore'sbroad range of high-speed data cables, including Ethernet Cat5e and Cat6a, HDMI 2.0, high-performance quad, dual-gigabit, shielded twisted pair and fiber optics.The company has also unveiled itsGoreMicrowave/RF Assemblies, Type 5H optimised specifically for Ka-band uplink and downlink aerospace applications.The cables deliver radio frequency performance up to 32 GHz and comply with the stringent specification requirements of current and future generation aircraft.The durable construction ofGoreMicrowave/RF Assemblies, Type 5H provides shielding effectiveness to ensure reliable signal integrity with excellent insertion loss and return loss for reduced life-cycle costs.In addition, Type 5H have robust connector solutions designed to withstand challenging aerospace environments such as vibration during launch without compromising signal integrity. These low-profile connectors also increase flexibility during the initial design process.

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