GOL to rollout Gogo IFEC fleet-wide

From mid-2016, GOL Airlines (GOL) will become the first Brazilian airline to offer in-flight Wi-Fi access to passengers after signing an agreement to implement Gogo’s 2ku satellite service across its entire fleet.
The airline’s in-flight broadband service will also be complemented by Gogo's wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) system, Gogo Vision, and Gogo's new IPTV solution – Gogo TV.
Gogo TV enables airlines to deliver live television content to a passenger's own Wi-Fi enabled device. The service will initially be available only to airlines that select Gogo's 2Ku technology and will be delivered through the Wi-Fi system onboard the aircraft using internet protocol.
"For fourteen years, GOL has been driving the Brazilian aviation market to develop, always presenting innovative and pioneering products, services and processes," remarked Paulo Miranda, GOL’s product director. "By partnering with Gogo, we are taking that spirit of innovation to a new level and we look forward to enabling our passengers to stay connected, informed and entertained while in-flight."
Michael Small, Gogo's president and CEO, stated, "This is a major win for Gogo and represents a number of firsts for the company. GOL is Gogo's first airline partner in South America and the first airline to commit to Gogo's television product. It also represents the largest aircraft commitment to our 2Ku technology outside of North America. We believe that 2Ku will be the best performing technology in the global aero market. This performance is expected to be even better near the equator, where a large percentage of GOL's aircraft operate."

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