Gogo to launch ATG-4 package for business aviation

Gogo has announced plans to introduce its ATG-4 air-to-ground in-flight connectivity technology to the business aviation market as part of a new equipment package called ATG 8000, with the first shipments expected in April this year.
“ATG-4 has been very well received in the commercial aviation market and we're pleased to make the same robust technology available to business aircraft,” explained John Wade, Gogo Business Aviation's executive vice president and general manager. “We expect it to provide an excellent in-flight connectivity experience for corporate shuttles and other high-density operations.”
Gogo claims the ATG 8000 package will help passengers realise a significant increase in connectivity speed and capacity when compared to the company's other Gogo Biz equipment packages, such as ATG 2000, ATG 4000 and ATG 5000 (pictured).
Gogo’s ATG-4 technology has been available to commercial aircraft for nearly three years and currently has 650 systems flying. The ATG-4 systems make use of directional antennas and dual modems on the aircraft alongside EV-DO (Rev. B) technology (the wireless transmission of data through radio signals) on Gogo's airborne and ground networks.

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