Gogo to deliver closed captions on all on-demand IFE content

As part of a new agreement with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), Gogo is to make closed captioning available for 100% of the programming content streamed through its on-demand in-flight entertainment (IFE) service, Gogo Vision, on US domestic flights.
Gogo has already added technology enabling customers to have the option to display closed captions for content with closed captions sourced by Gogo; has begun sourcing new content with closed captions where available; and will replace all its existing sourced content with content that has closed captions through a phase-in process by 30 June 2017.
“We are excited to work with NAD to offer Gogo Vision’s entire library of movies and TV sourced by Gogo to passengers who are deaf and hard of hearing,” stated Ash ElDifrawi, Gogo’s chief commercial officer. “Watching movies on a passenger’s own device has become a very popular product for Gogo and we are excited to provide access to this product to the deaf and hard of hearing.”
“This is a monumental step in making IFE accessible to the 48 million deaf and hard of hearing people in the United States alone,” commented Howard Rosenblum, CEO of the NAD. “Personalised IFE has made air travel exciting again. The ability to access and watch an extensive library of movies or television shows helps pass the time on long flights. The NAD is thus thrilled by Gogo’s decision to make the IFE experience equally accessible to deaf and hard of hearing passengers.”
All captions will be consistent with the Federal Communications Commission standards for completeness, accuracy, synchronicity, and placement.

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