Gogo teams up with Glympse to offer free in-flight location sharing

Gogo and Glympse have collaborated to offer a complimentary service allowing passengers to share their in-flight location.
To use the service, passengers need to download the free air-enabled Glympse app on iOS or Android devices before they board Gogo-equipped flights.
Once passengers are connected to Gogo’s in-flight Wi-Fi signal, which they won’t have to pay for, opening the Glympse app will allow them to share their location using GPS via email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook.
A passenger can send their location and flight information to just one person, a larger group, or to the public on social media, giving them control over exactly who gets to see their location and for how long they can be followed for. Passengers also have the option to instantly stop sharing. However, when the location’s been sent, passengers don’t need to keep the app open to continue being tracked by their Glympse recipients.
Both Glympse and Gogo hope the new service will be a great way to let friends or family know when a passenger is due to arrive at the airport.

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