Gogo set to achieve record number of connected aircraft in 2015

In-flight connectivity provider Gogo has announced hopes to complete installation on more than half of its backlog of over 1,000 commercial aircraft by the end of this year, a target which could see the company reaching a record number of aircraft installs in 2015.
Bringing 500 additional commercial aircraft online by the end of 2015 would bring the total number of commercial aircraft equipped with Gogo’s connectivity service to more than 2,600. The company states the majority of these 500 aircraft will come from recently announced domestic regional jet installs and certain international fleet wins. Gogo expects that around a quarter of its installs this year will be on international aircraft.
As well as connecting new aircraft, 2015 will also see Gogo upgrading previously installed systems to its next generation ATG-4 technology, which the company claims triples peak speeds to the aircraft and brings more capacity to the sky. Although more than a third of the aircraft on which ATG was installed have now been upgraded to ATG-4, Gogo wants to bring that number up to around half the commercial fleet operating in the US, or more than 1,000 aircraft, by the end of 2015.
Michael Small, Gogo’s CEO, stated, “Operationally, what the talented group at Gogo has accomplished and is set to accomplish in 2015 is unprecedented in this industry and continues to amaze me. We are excited about where we are going in terms of bringing new aircraft online and adding significantly more capacity to the network.”

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