Gogo receives first STC for 2Ku service

The FAA has granted Gogo the first of two supplemental type certificates (STCs) required for its 2Ku next generation satellite connectivity service, meaning the company can now begin flight tests on its own 737-500 flying lab.
Gogo will start the tests with one antenna with the aim of adding a second in June. The company expects to obtain the second required STC and then launch commercial service of its 2Ku technology later in 2015.“This is a crucial step towards bringing Gogo's 2Ku service to market later this year,” stated Anand Chari, chief technology officer, Gogo. “We now have FCC approval and FAA approval for the radome, antenna and avionics equipment.”
2Ku, Gogo's next generation satellite technology, is expected to deliver peak speeds of more than 70 Mbps to the aircraft, which is more than 20 times the bandwidth provided by Gogo's first generation air to ground solution in the US.

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