Gogo reaches 2500 aircraft milestone

Gogo now has 2500 commercial aircraft flying with its connectivity solutions on-board.
Of the 2500, more than 860 have been outfitted with Gogo's higher capacity air-to-ground solution – ATG-4 – and more than 150 aircraft are installed with its Ku-band satellite system. The company expects nearly 1,000 aircraft to be flying with ATG-4 by the end of this year, which represents close to 40% of all Gogo equipped aircraft.
“Increasing bandwidth to the aircraft is a big priority for us. What's notable about this milestone is the fact that we are not only increasing the number of aircraft with Gogo connectivity services, we are increasingly installing higher bandwidth solutions,” remarked Michael Small, Gogo's president and CEO. “This milestone comes right before we get ready to launch our latest and greatest 2Ku technology to the world, which will further increase bandwidth to the aircraft.”
Gogo currently has more than 700 commercial aircraft in its backlog. The majority are set to receive Gogo's new 2Ku technology, which will significantly increase the amount of bandwidth to an aircraft.
“We've been extremely pleased with the performance of 2Ku in flight tests and believe it will be the best performing solution on the market,” added Small. “As part of our testing, we've simultaneously streamed videos on more than 40 devices while providing a great browsing experience on numerous other devices.”

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