Gogo predicts 2Ku will be available in second half of 2015

Gogo has received regulatory approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to operate its new 2Ku in-flight connectivity technology on 1,000 aircraft.
“We are happy that the launch of 2Ku is proceeding as planned and are continuing to work with the FAA on approval for installation,” commented Michael Small, Gogo’s president and CEO. The company expects its new 2Ku service will be available for the commercial aviation market during the second half of 2015.
“Clearing the necessary regulatory hurdles to provide this service to an aircraft flying anywhere around the globe is no small feat. Gogo has proven it is a leader at navigating these environments for all aircraft types no matter where they fly,” Small added.
The company claims the advantages of 2Ku’s more spectrally efficient antennas will be particularly visible in tropical regions, where other satellite solutions degrade significantly due to restrictions associated with operating at high skew angles. Gogo’s 2Ku antenna is only 4.5 inches tall, with the low profile producing very little incremental drag on the aircraft.
Because the 2Ku antenna can be used with any Ku-satellite, it also avoids the single point of failure that comes with reliance on a single satellite for connectivity in a given region.
2Ku technology is expected to deliver speeds of more than 70Mbps to aircraft, but, since it is compatible with both current Ku satellites and future Ku satellites – including future spot beam satellites – Gogo estimates that peak speeds will eventually begin to reach over 100Mbps.

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