Gogo partners with PACE to optimise flights in real time

A new partnership with Gogo will see PACE’s Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer – support software for electronic flight bags – connected in real time so pilots can adapt to changing conditions.
The Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer software has been designed to continuously evaluate numerous flight data metrics with the aim of reducing fuel burn and improving on-time performance.
"En-route flight profile optimisation enables flight crews to unlock substantial additional fuel savings,” declared Oliver Kranz, managing partner, PACE. “Many airlines have yet to realise the full potential of the connected EFB, and our partnership with Gogo highlights this attractive business case.”
“By partnering with PACE, we establish a direct relationship to help market and integrate with each other's products while accelerating speed to market and providing a clear path for adoption of this valuable fuel savings tool into airline operations,” expanded Andrew Kemmetmueller, Gogo's VP connected aircraft services. “Gogo continues to move beyond the passenger connectivity arena and is rapidly enabling the era of the connected aircraft.”

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