Gogo partners with ForeFlight on IFC

tFrom December 2015, Customers using Gogo's ATG 1000 in-flight connectivity (IFC) system will have access to ForeFlight’s flight planning and electronic flight bag mobile app for Apple iPhones and iPads.t
tForeFlight Mobile users on aircraft equipped with ATG 1000 IFC via the Gogo Biz network service can receive up to the minute weather information and real-time Flight Notifications, NOTAMs and TFRs. The app also contains a feature called Cockpit Sharing, whereby pilots can wirelessly share route information with one another and with passengers' iPads and iPhones.t
tGogo's ATG 1000 customers can use existing ForeFlight Mobile subscriptions or download the ForeFlight Mobile app from the Apple App Store on the ground and purchase a subscription. Then, ongoing in-flight data usage for the ForeFlight app is covered by the customer's Gogo Biz data plan.t
tJohn Wade, Gogo Business Aviation's EVP and general manager, added, “Using the ForeFlight Mobile app in conjunction with Gogo's ATG 1000 connectivity system gives aircraft operators a complete solution for passengers and pilots alike. We're proud to partner with ForeFlight on this important initiative that will bring increased utility to our customers' in-flight connectivity investment.”t
t“Internet connectivity with the ATG 1000 is yet another example of our commitment to give our customers every possibility to enhance their in-flight experience with ForeFlight Mobile,” remarked Tyson Weihs, co-founder and CEO of ForeFlight. “In addition, many business passengers are also pilots or they may have an active interest in aviation. ForeFlight Mobile allows them to see the weather and route information that the pilots up front are seeing.”t

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