Gogo optimises with Venturi Wireless

Aircell has deployed Venturi Wireless’s data optimisation products on the Gogo Inflight internet system, following a successful initial trial deployment in 2009.

Venturi’s patented operator-grade solutions maximise network efficiency and control network costs by substantially reducing the amount of traffic on the network. Venturi’s solutions have long optimised applications like web and video for subscribers of mobile operators on the ground.

Anand Chari, Aircell’s vice-president of engineering commented, "We continuously seek out various ways to provide our customers the best user experience possible. Venturi’s optimisation solutions enable us to significantly accelerate subscriber internet access, while simultaneously reducing our network costs."

Fundamental to the entire solution is Venturi’s Adaptive Airlink Optimization, which combines transport optimisation, application optimisation, and predictive compression. Adaptive Airlink Optimization applies techniques based on the available bandwidth to boost application performance and efficiency under all radio frequency (RF) conditions.

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