Gogo offers free in-flight Wi-Fi access to Ford’s Mustang Customizer

In-flight connectivity provider, Gogo, has partnered with Ford to offer for the first time to passengers free access to Ford’s new interactive Mustang Customizer.

Aboard flights equipped with Gogo’s in-flight connectivity, passengers with Wi-Fi enabled devices can open their Internet browser to access the Ford Mustang Customizer. From there, they will automatically be directed to Gogo’s in-air website where they will see a special promotion. Passengers will also gain access to Facebook for the duration of their flight.
Passengers can choose to customise their Mustang from trillions of combinations: 78,791,049,216,000 combinations to be exact. Passengers start by choosing a Mustang V6, GT, Boss 302 or Shelby GT500. Their custom touch is blended with three different backgrounds – a dragway, cityscape or drive-in restaurant – along with five different angles from which to check out the design. Accessories include body kits, wheels, decals, grilles and decklids, along with parts from Ford Racing Performance Parts and Ford Vehicle Personalisation. Passengers can also save and share their Mustangs with their friends and family on Facebook.
"This is the second time Gogo has worked with Ford in creative ways to promote their brand via Gogo’s in-air network," commented Gogo’s chief marketing officer, Ash ElDifrawi. "We’re extremely excited to work with them on building a rich media opportunity to reach travellers and bring their cutting edge, interactive Mustang Customizer to passengers at 30,000 feet.”
"We are really excited to give Gogo users a chance to customise their very own Mustang while in flight," said Brian McClary, emerging and social media specialist at Ford. "The Mustang Customizer has proven to be a great way for users to create their own Mustang and provides an interactive and immersive experience."The promotion is running until 18th November 2011.

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