Gogo Business Aviation enhances Gogo Vision

Gogo Business Aviation has announced a number of enhancements to its wireless in-flight entertainment (W-IFE) system, Gogo Vision.With global availability, Gogo Vision delivers the latest releases from Hollywood and approximately 200 on-demand movies and TV shows – along with moving maps, news, flight progress information and destination weather, in addition to file sharing, file transfer and Cabin Management Systems integration. Content is stored on an on-board server.As part of the enhancements, the cost to upgrade to UCS 5000 systems has been waived for new customers signing up for a monthly subscription, which has been set at US$525, plus $10 per movie or $6 per TV episode, capped at $895 no matter how many movies or episodes are viewed.Automatic content updates are available in a customer's own hangar as well as at Gogo Cloud locations in both the US and Europe; all required equipment and hardware for in-hangar updates is included at no cost.Notably, Gogo Vision can now be watched on in-cabin monitors in addition to personal devices such as iPhones, tablets and laptop computers with purchase of a Gogo Video Processor Unit (GVPU)."There's a lot of talk about being able to stream movies and TV programs in flight," said John Wade, Gogo Business Aviation's executive vice president and general manager. "Streaming services are great, but if you stream in-flight movies over a live connection from the ground, the cost of all those megabytes can be astronomical. Gogo Vision gives passengers a fantastic, turn-key IFE experience, minus the unpredictable costs."

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