Gogo Biz 4G finished initial phase of flight testing

Gogo Business Aviation has completed the initial phase of flight testing for its Gogo Biz 4G service.
During this phase, the company carried out a four-hour flight-test aboard its Challenger 600 testbed using fully certified hardware on Gogo's advanced air-to-ground network to stream multiple video and audio sessions simultaneously using a variety of personal electronic devices.
Testing was conducted at typical business aircraft cruise altitudes (30,000-34,000 feet) in a live commercial environment. Specifically, flight profiles covered both rural and congested urban areas including the departure and arrival corridors for Chicago O'Hare.
“Gogo Biz 4G will deliver a true 4G in-flight experience on a robust, reliable network that business aircraft operators can count on,” averred John Wade, EVP and general manager, Gogo Business Aviation. “Flight-test performance has exceeded our expectations to date. Market interest is high and we remain on track for first shipments in early 2017.”
The Gogo Biz 4G equipment package will consist of a single, lightweight box and dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi service. New capabilities of the platform include integration with the Gogo Vision in-flight entertainment service; integrated Gogo Text & Talk; and smart cabin capabilities via an integrated 4G terrestrial modem.
Gogo Business Aviation is offering customers who choose to install a complete Gogo Biz connectivity package before the release of its 4G service an upgrade to Gogo Biz 4G in early 2017. The company's existing range of Gogo Biz solutions will remain available after Gogo Biz 4G shipments begin.

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