Gogo announces ATG 1000 connectivity system

Gogo has announced plans to ship its ATG 1000 connectivity system, aimed at light jets, turboprops and owner-flown aircraft, this summer.
ATG 1000 will enable high performance email, texting and calling for passengers’ own smartphones, tablets and laptops and can connect up to five personal Wi-Fi devices via the Gogo Biz network service.
ATG 1000 is software upgradable, allowing passengers to add connectivity features such as web browsing by simply purchasing a software key. Gogo has plans for the system to support third-party cockpit and operational applications in the future.
“We're pleased to introduce another new Gogo Biz equipment package to the business aviation market,” says John Wade, Gogo Business Aviation's executive vice president and general manager. “The ATG 1000's affordability will make a connected in-flight experience accessible to a whole new category of aircraft. With high-performance e-mail and personal smartphone use, it's basic connectivity that's anything but basic.”

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