Gogo and Glympse partner to offer in-flight location sharing tool

Gogo has collaborated with Glympse Inc. (Glympse), a specialist in real-time person-to-person location sharing, to provide passengers on Gogo-equipped aircraft with a service that shares their location with friends whilst in-flight.

Passengers can access the Glympse Inflight feature from within the Glympse smartphone app or via a web browser on their laptop or tablet device.

Air travellers who have downloaded the free Glympse application on their smartphones, can launch the application and select any email or any U.S. or Canada phone number as a recipient. The person receiving the Glympse message from the Gogo-enabled flight can view the plane's current movement and status, including speed and a continually updated arrival time. After the Glympse is sent, users can power down their phones or laptops, and Glympse will continue to update their location throughout the duration of the flight.

"Glympse is an example of another partner that's leveraging Gogo's in-flight platform to create engaging experiences for passengers flying on Gogo equipped aircraft," said Ash ElDifrawi, Gogo's chief commercial officer.

"Enabling location sharing to air travellers has always been one of our goals, and we are thrilled to partner with Gogo to make this a reality," commented Timo Bauer, vice president of business development for Glympse. "We're working to put location technology wherever people may need it– on a phone, in a car, on your watch, and now on a plane – and this is a significant step towards making the Glympse ecosystem of dynamic location sharing ubiquitous for all."

Companies that use the Glympse platform will also be able to share location information on Gogo-enabled flights directly from their applications, including text messaging and location widgets on a website.

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