Global business jet operators can retrofit Venue CMS

Bombardier Global XRS and Global 5000 business jet operators that have the Rockwell Collins’ Cabin Electronic System (CES) installed will be as of mid-2015 able to retrofit a Venue-based high-definition (HD) cabin system.

“This retrofit, derived from our proven and popular Venue HD system, features an architecture that accommodates new technologies as they become available, and supports the ever-increasing bandwidth requirements of consumer technologies,” explained Greg Irmen, vice president and general manager, Flight Controls and Information Systems for Rockwell Collins.

Rockwell Collins’ retrofit solution for Global CES cabins is scheduled at the maintenance downtime during an 8C check in an aim to provide operators labour expense savings and eliminate several days of aircraft downtime.

The 2015 availability of this solution, which is when the first Global aircraft with CES are due for 8C checks, also gives operators time to plan for the cost and prepare for the downtime required a year ahead of the event.

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