GEE to offer destination videos as part of IFE catalogue

Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) has announced a partnership with A Look At Media to offer destination video infotainment content to airline customers.
A Look At Media produces destination-specific 30-minute videos about cities across the US designed specifically for the in-flight entertainment (IFE) market. They include detailed infotainment regarding shopping, dining, entertainment and sightseeing.
In addition to complementing GEE's portfolio of IFE content and digital media solutions, this new programming will enable GEE to explore new ancillary revenue opportunities for airlines through advertising by local businesses, attractions and event organisers.
Passengers wishing to purchase tickets or follow-up on information they have viewed during their flight can download the A Look At Media mobile app or visit the website when they have reached their destination.
“Passengers and airlines are increasingly looking for destination information that is provided in a compelling and entertaining digital format," said Robin Cole, VP global business development and marketing, GEE. “GEE's partnership with A Look At Media supports our strategy of transforming IFE into a more personalised infotainment platform. “
Fred Mullins, founder and CEO of A Look At Media, remarked, “We're excited to partner with GEE. Passengers have become accustomed to reading about destination attractions in airline magazines, so this new digital format extends an airline's existing IFE offering while driving visibility and revenue for local businesses and attractions.”

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