GEE to bring Angry Birds to the skies

Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) has entered into a partnership with Rovio Entertainment, to provide the casual mobile gaming franchise, Angry Birds, to airlines as in-flight entertainment (IFE) content.Angry Birds is the most downloaded mobile game of all time, boasting 2.8 billion downloads across various platforms. Through this new agreement, GEE will provide customised Angry Birds content specifically for seat-back entertainment systems to airline customers.“Since it was first introduced, Angry Birds has grown into one of the most recognised brands in the world,” explained Alexis Steinman, SVP digital products, GEE. “We are very excited to be able to offer our airline customers this exclusive opportunity to elevate their passenger experience offering. Angry Birds' mischievous casual game style, engaging short game play and international appeal make it an ideal addition to an airline's entertainment line-up.”“In the last five years, Angry Birds have been spreading their wings to every corner of the world," added Miikka Lindgren, VP business development for games at Rovio Entertainment. “Thanks to our agreement with GEE, passengers will be able to take flight and join the Angry Birds on their mile high adventures. We love the idea of entertaining in the sky!'”

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