GEE launches branded portfolio of products and services

Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) has announced the launch of its suite of branded products and solutions in line with the key areas of focus for the business: connectivity systems, digital media solutions, content services and operations data solutions.
The product suite also has a new visual identity under the title of GEE AIR Series.
“We are at a watershed moment in the in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) market,” explained Alexis Steinman, SVP digital products, GEE. “As increasing numbers of travellers bring personal devices (PEDs) on their flights, airlines are embracing the responsible monetisation of passengers and the expansion of IFC is shaping the on-board experience and expectations. By launching the AIR Series under a distinct visual identity and combining our market leading content, software and connectivity expertise into flexible digital media solutions, we are empowering airlines to address these trends.”
AIRconnect is GEE's Ku-band satellite-based connectivity hardware platform, which is already available on over 640 aircraft worldwide.
In terms of digital media solutions, GEE’s AIRtime offers a connected wireless IFE solution based on its Ku-band satellite connectivity, featuring live television, messaging and content streaming to PEDs. It also enables incremental revenue to airlines through the portal's advertising and sponsorship capabilities.
AIRtime Lite is GEE’s offline wireless IFE portal which delivers video-on-demand and other infotainment options to passenger devices, as well as near-live content, such as sports and news features updated multiple times daily through ground cellular connectivity.
AIRworks is a suite of modular wireless IFEC solutions that include wireless IFE software, a live
television platform, near-live content, content technical services and more.
WISE is GEE’s end-to-end software and content solution for system integrators and operators of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services. Part of the AIRworks family, it is integrated into products developed by GEE's third party strategic partners, providing the wireless IFE backbone to their solutions.
AIRside is an ultra-low cost IFE mobile app which allows passengers to download content to their PEDs anywhere on the ground, prior to flight time. Content is securely stored and unlocked during the flight window based on a passenger's booking information, or 'PNR' code.
Other content services GEE provides include AIRgames. From in-house, studio-developed casual games to exclusive licensed brands such as EA and Disney, GEE offers seatback and wireless games to over 100 airlines worldwide.
AIRread is GEE’s publications. Available for both seatback and wireless IFE systems, it supports airline paperless cabin objectives through an extensive catalogue including over 6,500 digital magazines, newspapers and books available in 50+ languages.
Finally, AIRview offers airlines a data management and reporting tool, with the aim of supporting the flow of data between airline teams and strategic partners. Integrated into key products, AIRview allows comprehensive monitoring of operations data, including connectivity system health, aircraft position and avionics data, service take rates, ad campaign performance and order/inventory levels.

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