The in-flight broadband revolution brings social media to 35,000ft

GVF, an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organisation promoting the voice of the satellite industry, and conference organiser, EMP have announced the next programme in their partnership event series.

Organised in association with the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) and HMG Aerospace, publisher of Inflight, ‘AeroConnect 2016 – The In-Flight Online Revolution’ – will take place on 11 November in London sponsored by Hughes, Intelsat, and GoGo.

According to Martin Jarrold, GVF’s chief of International Programme Development, and co-chair/moderator of AeroConnect 2016, “The thematic coverage of this innovative event will encompass detailed analysis of the technologies, services, equipment deployment, and markets of the aeronautical in-flight connectivity and entertainment space.”

Jarrold added, “The greater availability of broadband satellite capacity over airline routes is increasingly able to ensure that the connectivity demands – or IFEC demands – of the mobile broadband consumer as airline passenger are met. The programme will not only look at the airliner seat as a fully functioned extension of the office desk and domestic living room, that is the passenger (as consumer) experience of IFEC, but also at the airline carrier (and its employees) as consumers/users within this new paradigm of the in-flight connectivity ecosystem.”

Alexander Preston, editor of the Inflight Portfolio, co-chair/moderator of the conference and opening keynote speaker added, “The Economist magazine reported on US$10 billion of on-board passenger experience upgrades during 2015 for existing aircraft alone, and that half of all airline profits, industry-wide, are being redirected to enhance the in-flight passenger experience with Wi-Fi. Of course, reflecting this, satellite operators are increasingly covering the world’s principal commercial flight corridors with high throughput satellite (HTS) beams and service solutions.”

The event programme as a whole will seek to characterise the various determinants of, and the prime drivers of, the nature and scale of the investments being made today – and the investments being planned for tomorrow – by key market players to provide the infrastructure for the current generation, and for future generations, of in-flight connectivity.

The overview of the draft programme to date, with frequent and regular updates of additional speakers is available here.

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