Flexjet opts for Gogo Biz

Bombardier Aerospace fractional ownership subsidiary Flexjet plans to offer Aircell’s Gogo Biz inflight Wi-Fi service as a standard feature on its aircraft at no additional charge to owners, enabling customers using any Wi-Fi device from smartphone to laptop to access the internet while they fly.

“With Gogo Biz, our aircraft truly transform into high-functioning mobile offices,” says Flexjet president Fred Reid. “Flexjet is obsessed with being superior in every way, and we are pleased to offer our customers the ability to stay connected in the air. Gogo Biz was the only choice for us – it is lightweight, affordable and best of all it gives our passengers a full-speed internet experience like they expect on the ground.”

Flexjet will start by installing Gogo Biz on the 25 Challenger 300 and seven Challenger 604/605 jets in its fractional fleet. All new aircraft introduced into the fleet will be outfitted automatically with the broadband equipment, Aircell says.

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