First on-air voice call made using Cobham AVIATOR 200S

The first call has been made using Cobham SATCOM’s AVIATOR 200S system over Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband satellite communications service.

Carried out in a laboratory environment, the on-air voice call was achieved using the AVIATOR 200S CSDU (Compact Satellite Data Unit) and HELGA (combined HLD and Enhanced LGA) antenna over the Inmarsat LDR (Low Data Rate) bearer type.

Kim Gram, vice president of Cobham SATCOM’s aeronautical business unit, said, “The first call is particularly significant as it represents a new solution running on a new service – a double first! Our teams in Lyngby [Denmark] and Cape Town [South Africa] have worked hard to achieve this impressive landmark. This is a very big step towards our first customer shipment, and shows that we are on track for release of AVIATOR 200S as planned.

“We believe the significantly smaller, lighter and easier to install hardware associated with the SwiftBroadband ACARS data services, represented by our AVIATOR S series product range, will provide aircraft manufacturers and airlines with a route towards significant changes in operational efficiencies and, not least, in flight situation awareness and safety.”

Using SwiftBroadband safety services to transmit ACARS data, AVIATOR S Series enables secure data communication, IP connectivity and multiple voice capabilities. The combination of IP and ACARS data pipes allows network integration with a portfolio of data housing and transmitting components on the aircraft such as cockpit, Electronic Flight Bag devices (EFB), on-board maintenance computers and devices used by the crew to service passengers.

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