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First flight for the Recaro CL6710 business class seat

Recaro’s CL6710 business class seat for long-haul aircraft has taken its first flight aboard EL AL’s new Dreamliner to Tel Aviv. The entire Boeing 787 Dreamliner cabin is equipped with Recaro aircraft seats.

EL AL has equipped 16 model 787-9 and 787-8 aircraft with Recaro seats, and others are planned.

“The premiere of our CL6710 business class seat is an important milestone for our company and makes us proud,” says Dr Mark Hiller, chief executive officer of Recaro Aircraft Seating. “We provide passengers with ergonomic comfort and superb spaciousness. Additionally, the CL6710 is distinguished by its high-quality design and very efficient use of space in the cabin.” The CL6710 long-distance seat was developed at the Recaro headquarters in Schwaebisch Hall and is currently also being manufactured there.

The upper stowage compartment as well as the design of the CL6710 were adapted to the customer’s specific requirements. At the push of a button, the seating area transforms into a recliner or even a full-flat bed. Position changes, which are carried out at an optimal, predefined angle, ideally and safely support the passenger’s body at all times.

EL AL is also deploying Recaro’s CL3710 and PL3530 seats in the economy and premium economy classes.

David Maimon, president and chief executive officer at EL AL, notes, “The Dreamliner offers innovative seating solutions in all classes. Enjoying one of these 282 seats will open a whole new world of comfort for our passengers.”

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