Finnair enhances IFE offering

Finnair has introduced a new range of inflight entertainment (IFE) options.

The airline is almost doubling its IFE offering on long-haul routes with a choice of 72 movies and more than 150 TV shows now available on demand in both Economy and Business Class. IFE is included in the price of the ticket in both classes.
Passengers are also now able to hire Samsung Tab 3 tablets at a cost of €10 on Finnair’s new Airbus A321s with Sharklets, which are mostly operated on medium-haul and leisure or charter routes. The tablets come pre-programmed with hours of video and music, as well as games and newspapers.
“Tablet computing clearly has the potential to revolutionise inflight entertainment, as tablet systems are much lighter and easier to keep up to date from an operations point of view, while also offering the customer a much richer and more interactive entertainment experience,” says Jouni Oksanen, Finnair’s Director of Customer Entertainment. “If tablet-based entertainment proves to be successful on these new aircraft, we will of course continue to evaluate the possibility of implementation across the fleet.”

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