FIA 2014: Embraer reveals E2 cabin interior mock-up

Embraer has showcased the redesigned cabin of its new E2 aircraft family at this year’s Farnborough Air Show.

The interior was designed in partnership with UK firm Priestmangoode and is in keeping with Embraer’s trademark two-by-two, 18.3 inch wide seats in economy class.

A feature of the E2 is an individual PSU (passenger service unit) which offers each passenger their own light and air vent positioned directly above the seat. Windows have also been redesigned to make the cabin feel larger and brighter.

The E2 cabin has options for on-board Wi-Fi connectivity and individual screens for in-flight entertainment.

Another feature being evaluated which is shown in the cabin mock-up is a welcome screen at the boarding entrance. The LED panel can display flight information, destination weather, marketing messages or whatever the airline chooses.

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