FARNBOROUGH 2016: Sukhoi Civil Aircraft introduces SportJet

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft has unveiled a concept aircraft designed to fly professional sports teams, SportJet by Sukhoi, which is scheduled for release and certification in 2018.
The third product in Sukhoi Civil Aircraft’s range – alongside the Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) and Sukhoi Business Jet – is enhanced by medical and IT solutions developed in cooperation with sports physicians, experts and managers. The aim is to create a home field advantage in the air, allowing athletes to rest and recover.
“In elite sports, where fractions of seconds and inches are of decisive importance, every detail matters in affecting the shape of the athlete,” stated Evgeny Andrachnikov, SVP commerce at Sukhoi Civil Aircraft. “Today, to achieve the best results you need new technology and approaches, including those that increase the flight quality and, hence, the physique and morale of athletes. We are sure that flights for professional sports teams on SportJets will eventually become an integral part of the air transportation market.”
SportJet by Sukhoi’s facilities are based on scientific and practical research in the field of sports, such as the impact of flights, jet lag, hypoxia, dehydration, stress and aerophobia on an athlete’s body. In one of the four functional zones on the aircraft, there will be SMART chairs that allow passengers to rest in an almost horizontal position while continuously monitoring their body condition.
The chair’s capabilities will be complemented with air straps, which also monitor an athlete’s functional state and continuously display an individual air adaptation index. Finally, the SMART chairs and air straps are equipped with wireless transmitters that send data to the central monitor of a scientific expert from a support group as well as athletes’ mobile devices.
A ‘recovery zone’ will act as a medical centre onboard the aircraft, featuring an AeroScan diagnostic capsule (which gives comprehensive information on all an athlete’s physiological indicators) and a unique system for physical therapy including cryotherapy, myostimulation, press and lymphatic drainage and massage. In addition, the athletes will have room to have a training session and to warm up during the flight.
Finally, the aircraft will be equipped with other devices which determine the body’s hydration level; adaptive lighting which reduces the impact of jet lag; and Be Ready To Win, a multimedia system with motivational programmes, video analysis of matches and theoretical training.
Sukhoi Civil Aircraft says it will provide custom versions of its SportJets for professional teams across sports including football, hockey, basketball and rugby, as well as a solution for customers from business aviation.

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